Major works (selected):


Violin Concerto No 1, "Auspicium"

for violin solo and orchestra, 36 min 2020, by Anna Lindal violin and Swedish Chamber Orchestra.


for saxophone quartet and orchestra, 24 min 2017, first p. by the Rascher quartet and Swedish Chamber Orchestra in Örebro. Dir. Clemens Schüldt.

De som varit, de som ska komma, de som blev

for orchestra, 17 min 1999-2002, first p. Aug-02 with the Royal Filharmonic Orchestra in Stockholm

Tid läggs som tunt papper över beröringarna

for string orchestra, 10 min 1997, first p. Musica Vitae in Växjö, Sweden

Enigma 15 for orchestra, 14 min 1996, first p. at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm

Orchestra and choir

Juloratorium – herdarnas och folkets berättelse

70 min 2019, first p. in Gustav Vasa and Kungsholms kyrka in Stockholm.

Johannes Uppenbarelse oratorio for mixed choir, soprano, baritone, sologroup, chamber orchestra, organ and electronics, 65 min 2013, first premiered 17/3-13 in Högalidskyrkan in Stockholm.

A challenge to humanity

cantata for mixed choir and wind orchestra, 28 min 2008, first p. 22/8-08 in Blå Hallen, Stockholm City hall.


for 2 sopranos, mixed choir, orchestra and electronics, 22 min 2005, first p. 1/5-06 in Swedish Radio P2


for choir, string orchestra, piano and percussion, 17 min 2017, first p. in Eric Ericsson-hallen in Stockholm.

Electronics and instruments

Octopus Deux

for alto saxophone and elektronics, 15 min 2016, first p. at the Saxophone Festival in Århus, Danmark.


for violin and electronics, 10 min 1996, first p. 31/3-10 by Andreas Andersson at Kulturhuset in Stockholm

Gregorian chant

for 3 theremins, 6 min, first p. at the Art Museum in Uppsala by the Remin Trio.


for electronics, voice and theremin, 9 min 2012, first p. at Uppenbarelsekyrkan in Hägersten.

Genom isblått glas

for saxophones and theremin, 7 min, 2019, first p. at Slottsbiografen in Uppsala.

Restless wind

for violin and electronics, 10,31 min 2007, first p. 15/11-07 in Gävle

The day before…

for recorder and electronics, 8 min 2004, first p. in Nov-04 in Växjö

Andorien for flute and electronics , 9.04 min 2002, first p. at Johannebergskyrkan in Gothenburg

Väsen for cello and electronics, 10 min 1998, first p. by Chrichan Larson violoncello in Västerås, Sweden

The power in between for saxophone quartet and electronics, 10 min 1997, first p. by Stockholms Saxofonkvartett at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Clou for electronics, 6 min 1995, first p. at Kulturhuset in Stockholm

Eko for viola da gamba, lute, recorder and electronics, 6 min 2004, first p. in Nov-04 in Växjö

Psalm 23 o 142 for electronics, 10 min 2009, first p. 29/4-10 Heliga Trefaldighetskyrkan, Gävle

Herre, var är du? for electronics, 6 min 2009, first p. 8/3-10 Högalid Church, Stockholm

Jag ropar till Herren for soprano and electronics, 3 min 2009, first p. 8/3-10 Högalid Church, Stockholm. Anna-Lena Engström sopran.

Tagel for electronics and sounds, 13 min 2008, first p. 4/10-08 in Västerås Konserthus.

Piano solo

Capriccio quasi fantasia

or piano, 6 min 2010, first performance 27/8-10 in Berwaldhallen, Stockholm, Stanislaw Drzewiecki piano.

Spread it out for piano and electronics, 15 min 2010, first p. 31/3-10 in Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Lisa Ullén piano.

Dance with me! for piano and electronics, 11 min 2003, first p. March-03 in St:Eskil Church, Stockholm

Pieces for 1-3 instruments

Leave me! for oboe and percussion, 8 min 2004, first p. 8/12-09 in Stockholm. Markus Leoson slagverk and Fredrik Söhngen oboe

Cold and clear för violin, 4 min 2003, first p. March-03 at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, Anna Lindal, violin

No comments for alto saxophone and piano, 8 min 2003, first p. June-03 at Schwarzwald Festival of Music in Germany

Skarpa, vassa. for solo violin, 9 min 2003, first p. March-03 at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, Anna Lindal, violin.

Vikingamark for alto saxophone and poet, 17 min 1997, first p. by J.Petterson, saxophone and E.Runefelt at Kungsholmen library in Stockholm

Gestures for solo percussion, 8 min 1997, first p. at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm

Esconderé for flute, 5 min 1995, first p. at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm


Barnet och de grå chamber opera, 2 sopranos and piano, percussion and alto saxophone, 19 min, first premiered 2/12 2007 in Stockholm

Du får inte gå chamber opera, soprano, mezzosoprano, baryton and 11 instruments, 24 min 2002, premiered in Vadstena castle, a commission from the Vadstena Academy

Solitario chamber opera, 2 sopranos, 1 mezzo, 2 baryton , chamber orchestra and electronics, libretto E.Runefelt, 50 min 1999, premiered. at the Plaza theatre in Stockholm

Att vara Gun

for mezzo soprano and percussions, 30 min 2019, first p. at Teater Lederman in Stockholm by DuoEgo.


Psalm 142 for mixed choir, 3 min 2009, first p. 8/3-10 Högalid Church, Stockholm

En gång ska allt försvinna bort for mixed choir, 4 min 1999, first p. Nov-99 in Örebro by Maria Magdalena Motettkör

Rata de ciudad for mixed choir and 3 percussionists, 7 min 1997, first p. by Capella Kreuzberg at Emmauskirche in Berlin


for choir, string quartet and percussions, 5 min 2019, first p. at Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Human rights

for mixed choir, 3 min 2014, first p. in Högalidskyrkan in Stockholm.

Pieces for ensembles

Lines from the future for chamber ensemble, 9 min 1997, first p. by Sonanza at the Swedish Radio, Studio 2


or saxophone quartet, 8 min 2013, first p. in La Paz, Bolivia.

Dona nobis pacem theatre music, 90 min 1996, first premiere in 1996 at Arbogaspelen in Arboga

Pictures for string quartet, 12 min 1995, first p. at Glashuset in Stockholm

Qué for saxophone quartet, 7 min 1995, first p. by Stockholms Saxofonkvartett at Fylkingen in Stockholm

Chiffer for six percussionists, 8 min 1994, first p. by Kroumata in Helsingfors, Finland.