Johannes Uppenbarelse

Oratorio for mixed choir, octet, soprano, baritone, chamber orchestra and electronics.
First preformed in church of Högalid, 17th of March 2013.
Soloists: Mikael Samuelsson baritone, Tua Åberg Dominique soprano,
Anna-Lena Engström mezzosoprano, Nils Larsson organ and Sylvia Karpe piano.
Chorus – Cantica Nova
Director: Jonas Dominique
Stage-manegement: Kristina Ljunggren
Lighting: Peter Stockhaus
Textarrangement by Ylva Q Arkvik and Kristina Ljunggren.
Durata: ca 68 min
Johannes Uppenbarelse
Big thanks to all participants for a great job!

   Herre, var är du?

En musikgudstjänst

Ett annorlunda sätt att presentera Bibelns ord.

Musikaliskt använder vi oss av piano, elektronisk musik

och datorinspelade ljud och texterna läses och sjungs.

Koreografin gestaltar och förstärker texterna i

   ett visuellt uttrycksfullt flöde.

”Herre var är du?”   för elektronik och dans

”Orden” för röst och dans

 ”Jag ropar till Herren” för mezzosopran och elektronik

”Soundscapes” för theremin och elektronik

  ”Tyst, låt kroppen tala”danssolo i tystnad

”Dance with me!” för piano och elektronik

Längd ca 45 min.

Musik av Ylva Q Arkvik

Koreografi och dans Caroline Östberg

Three on one (sonett)

Three composers, Ylva Q Arkvik, Henrik Strindberg and Miriam Tally have used the same text by William Shakespeare, the sonett ”Shall I compare thee to a summers day” to compose for baritone and piano.


Jakob Högström, baritone and Michael Engström, piano.

Interview and dialogue about the compositions. Moderator; Thomas Jennefeldt.

The event took place at the Academy of Music in Stockholm, Saturday 28th April kl 15.00 2012.



In Kyrillien a gentle scraping of metallic plates mixes with Buddhist monks singing while a coffee mill rumbles in the background and the sound continues in the movement of the arm. Electronic sounds are propagated in the piano strings and rises through the microphone into the speakers where the sounds are blended into a delightful, playful touch. Kyrillien is a composition correspondence between Ylva Q Arkviks structures and Lisa Ulléns sounds and Caroline Östbergs choreographic writing, where the whole group are inspired and influenced by each others expression and technique.

A concert and performance with prepared piano, electronics, choreography and lighting.


Östersjöfestivalen 2010: Stanislaw Drzewiecki plays Chopin

Friday 27 August 2010
Stanisław Drzewiecki, polsk pianist. Foto: PressbildStanisław Drzewiecki, polish pianist. Photo: Press

The polish pianist Stanisław Drzewiecki was born in Moscow in 1987 and began piano lessons at the age of 4. Today, he plays all over the world and creates poetry with nuances and sensitivity.

This pianorecital begins with a first performance of Ylva Q Arkviks work ”Capriccio quasi fantasia” in which she react to the attitude of  the music of Chopin. Then follows a program consisting entirely of Chopin’s music for solo piano.


1. Ylva Q Arkvik: Capriccio quasi fantasia, uruppförande

2. Frédéric Chopin:
a) Polonäs nr 5 fiss-moll.
b) Fem mazurkor op. 7.
c) Tre valser op. 34.
d) Fantasi-impromptu ciss-moll.
e) Scherzo nr 1 h-moll.
f) Polonäs nr 6 Ass-dur.


Nocturne ciss-moll

Polonaise A-dur

Preludium e-moll

A challenge to humanity


You must not go!

A chamberopera for 3 voices and 11 instruments

A commission from the Vadstena-Akademien.

Lenja and Yas, living in a marriage but yet with emotional distance between them. They can connect in their mutual love for the soon expected  child but soon other thoughts drives them apart.  How is the ordinary day for a suicide-bomber? How is the every day life for their families?

Tidsströmmar SL 2002<br /><br /><br /><br /> Du får inte gå. Fr v: Andreas Landin, baryton (Yas), Elin Carlsson, sopran (Lenja). Scenografi och kostym Magdalena Stenbeck.<br /><br /><br /><br /> Staffan Gustavsson

Kretsar i strängar

27 Mar 2003 – 19:30

Music for violin and 8-channel EAM. Anna Lindal (violin)

Martin Q Larsson, Paulina Sundin, Johan Fernold, Ylva Q Arkvik and Jens Hedman – all from the constellation ”Neofilistiska föreningen”.

Arr: Jens Hedman/EMS